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miércoles, 22 de agosto de 2007

The Enemy - Singles

The Enemy - Away From Here (Single)
Label: Wea
Format: Single
Released: 16 April 2007
Away From Here (Single): Buy


1.Away From Here
2.Fear Killed The Youth Of Our Nation
3.Back Like A Heart Attack
4.A Message To You Rudy (7" Vinyl)

The Enemy - It's Not Ok (Single)
Label: Stiff
Format: Single
Released: 12 Feb 2007
It's Not Ok (Single): Buy


1.It's Not OK
2.Let Me Know
3.Get Blown Away (Ocean Colour Scene Cover)
4.Waste Your Life Away (7" Vinyl)

The Enemy - Had Enough (Single)
Label: Wea
Format: Single
Released: 25 Jun 2007
Had Enough (Single): Buy


1.Had Enough
2.Dancin' All Night
3.40 Days And 40 Nights
4.Shed A Tear


1.We'll Live And Die In These Towns (Acoustic)
2.You're Not Alone (Live)